Is there something to complain about? Then you are in the right place.

Order your spare part here free of charge!

This is how it works with the complaint**:

  • Please first take 1 to 2 pictures where the damage is clearly visible, there is an upload in the process.
  • Please enter 10-digit model number in the first field. The software will check live if spare parts are available.
  • After that, please complete step 1-3 in the adjacent online form.
  • Use the right arrow (below) to jump to the next step.
  • After SENDING, we will process your complaint in a timely manner. If we have any questions, we will contact you by email.
  • Please note that for some, older models, we do not always have all spare parts in stock. In this case, please contact us personally.

** Please understand that we can only process complaints from our partners (opticians/dealers). As an end user, please contact your responsible optician.

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